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Serbian and South East European Specialist
Lower cost manufacturing is key when producing quality goods or products, improving profitability and opening the door to new markets which will fuel growth.

Half Full has successfully sourced products for European based manufacturers across most Industries, from food and beverage, packaging, aerospace and Industrial products.

We have also managed to position, place and penetrate Serbian products and services into the European Union and Russian Federation. We utilize unique agreements between Russia and Serbia such as Duty free Exports to Russia and full utilization of Serbia’s location and logistical advantages.
Russian Market Specialist
Our team of experts based in SERBIA have engaged in many projects relevant to Importing and Exporting with the Russian Federation.

Over the years Half Full has built a strong relationship with Russian businesses based on trust and integrity. The openness of our relationships is key in producing solutions for these projects.
Market Research
A multicultural and multilingual team of experts with Global Market Expertise can research on and off line through our Network of Companies, Governmental and Non-Governmental Agencies, with an analytical approach will deliver the real time information that is crucial to you and your business.
Product Sourcing
Our team, with engineering and commercial backgrounds will understand your products and specifications, source these products, raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished goods in lower cost environments and facilitate your requirements.
Digital Solutions
Half Full Agency provides in house services from web design to web applications that are tailor made and custom designed to reduce non value adding processes to your supply chain.
Half Full has a proven track record in providing Turnkey Solutions for companies that are looking to make Strategic Foreign Investment in order to reduce cost of goods and services and gain Market Share.
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Greenfield Investment
We have managed a multimillion pound Investment for The Mel Group UK. Provided a low cost purpose built manufacturing facility for labor intensive products that meet aerospace and military standards. We provided a turnkey solution...Location, land, construction, human resources, production, quality accreditations, certificates, logistics and legal support.
half full agency - factory icon
half full agency - factory icon
We have over two decades of experience in Supply Chain Management gained with fortune 100 companies, delivered multi-million dollar / pound savings and Global Sourcing Initiatives.

We have built relationships with various Purchasing Clubs and Consortiums along with our internal Procurement Data Base, that provides a wealth of Intel, knowledge and know how to our customers.

Half Full has championed Greenfield and Brownfield Investments and have a proven track record with managing Direct Foreign Investment.

Half Full Agency will combine the consultancy stage with our digital services provide digital analytics and web applications parallel to your strategic objectives.